The Hittle House philosophy emphasizes ABILITY: Stability, Predictability and Accountability
The Hittle House philosophy emphasizes ABILITY:       Stability, Predictability and Accountability


Hittle House is committed to providing specialized therapeutic treatment to Ohio’s troubled youth in a collaborative effort to ensure family reunification or permanency in the least restrictive setting.

Our Committment

  • Maintain a reputable and untarnished reputation in the community.
  • Provide reliable, safe, secure, and quality care to our residents.
  • Provide outstanding customer service with the placing agencies we serve.
  • Build and maintain close business relationships with the placing agencies we serve.
  • Incorporate case plans into treatment plans
  • Attend every SAR, court review, IEP meeting and treatment team meeting.

Contact Us

Hittle House

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Columbus, OH 43207


Phone: 614 443-5454

Fax: 614 737-5248

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Welcome to Hittle House!

Residential and Outpatient Treatment For:

  • Sexually traumatized children
  • Children that abuse
  • Sexually reactive children
  • Children with general problematic sexual behavior

What We Do

Hittle House is a residential treatment program that provides therapeutic and educational services to adolescent boys that suffer from sexual trauma. This small and specialized residential facility serves children from 10-17 years of age. Our services are safe and secure, providing placement agencies with a highly qualified and structured team approach to rehabilitation. We accept adjudicated and non-adjudicated juveniles.


Hittle House is committed to providing Ohio with state of the art, gender specific, professional care in behavioral and educational services for adolescents. This is accomplished through promoting behavioral, spiritual, mental and interpersonal growth in a safe and secure program that emphasizes healthy and appropriate sexual health.


Family involvement is a crucial component of the therapeutic program at Hittle House. We provide family education and support groups, family therapy, and weekly visitation. Please ask us about our transportation assistance program.


Open since 2008, Hittle House is an Ohio residential treatment center that is:

  • Licensed by the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services
  • Certified by the Ohio Department of Youth Services
  • Accredited by the National Council on Accreditation
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